Activities on Rannoch Estate


Fishing:  (April to September)

The estate has the only boats on Loch Laidon, which is renowned for its remoteness, beauty and numerous trout, and on the Dubh Lochan by Rannoch Station, which produces some large trout. 

All rates quoted include VAT


Loch Laidon : (Walking distance from Rannoch Station)

£10.00 per day for bank fishing; permits available from the Tea Room on the station

Estate Boat without engine: £100.00 per day (4 people maximum).   

Own boat £75 per day (by arrangement)

A larger boat for six people, with ghillie, engine and lunch is available by arrangement.


Dubh Lochan :  (walking distance from Rannoch Station)

No bank fishing.  Rowing boat: £100.00 per day for up to three people.  Catch and release by agreement with estate.


Loch Rannoch,  (River Gaur) : Excellent pike, and trout

Boat without engine £100.00 per day (4 people maximum)





Wilderness walks to fish hill lochs May to mid July

Wilderness walks can be arranged to fish hill lochs on Rannoch Moor,  which produce delicious trout of up to a pound, and sometimes larger.

Prices variable, depending on use of boats or argocat.